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Misplaced Women Video Channel

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Please visit and follow Misplaced Women? Video Channel on Vimeo, with currently 13 videos:

Video by Susan Merrick: A Translation of a Travel Diary in British Sign Language

A Poetry Intervention by Nati Canto Video

Video about the London workshop by Tanja Ostojic at Live Arts Development Agency LADA, 2016 (overview and contributions Part 1)

“Misplaced Man?” Performed by Anastasio William at FNAC, video-clip

Misplaced Women? Workshop led by Tanja Ostojic, 2018, Telciu Summer School, Romania video

“Misplaced Women?” by Tanja Ostojić, 28min. It is a video recording of the 45 min performance, 2015, in Göteborg International Airport, Sweden, Live Action 10

“Misplaced Women?” performed by Tanja Ostojić, dedicated to the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women in Canada, in front of the Art Gallery of Ontario, 7a*11d 2016, Toronto, Canada, video-clip / Performance review

Teresa Albor’s contribution to the, “Misplaced Women?” Workshop London, December 13, 2016. Performance Review / video

Cherry Truluck´s video contribution to the “Misplaced Women?”, Workshop in LADA London, 2016.
More info at: info

Tanya Ury: Fury video Fury is a delegated performance video (2:05 hours/ short version 16 minutes), as part of Tanja Ostojic’s project Misplaced Women?, about the loss of the Ury/Unger family archive with the collapse of the Historical Archives in Cologne, on 3rd March 2009, and, filmed on 3rd October, German Re-unification Day, on the twentieth anniversary of re-unification.

Gare Routière d´Aix-en-Provence has been the location of Tanja Ostojic’s performance intervention

Tan Tan, 2020, Video: A view to the Central South Hospital of Wuhan University + “Misplaced Self in the Misplaced City” written contribution

“Misplaced Women?”, delegated performance by Tanja Ostojić, “Score 1/ Unpacking a Bag of Your Own”, Performed by: Roberta Weissman Nagy, 21.11.2020, at Muzil (fenced out former military zone), Pula, Istria, Croatia. short video

Alice Tuppen-Corps unpacked her suitcase on December 14 2016 and created the “Wherever I Lay My Hat That’s My Home” Performance in Hackney Wick London

In Homes, London, Performances, Workshops on March 13, 2017 at 12:00 pm

Alice Tuppen-Corps unpacked her suitcase on December 14 2016 and created the Wherever I Lay My Hat That’s My Home Performance in Hackney Wick London, in the frame of “Misplaced Women?” performance workshop lead by Tanja Ostojić, hosted by LADA.

Wherever I Lay My Hat That’s My Home, Solo Performance for Film (Private). White Post Lane. 5.30am – 6.30am and Solo Performance for Film (Live Audience) LADA 14th December 2016.

Alice’s research investigates how specific forms of encounter with individual stories and personal objects can act as enabling agents, transforming the emotional, psychological and creative experience of worlds. In this piece, ‘Wherever I Lay My Hat That’s My Home’, the artist took possessions from her own home to include: a portrait of herself aged four years old, an Eiffel Tower gifted to her in Paris by a lover, her broken wedding ring, two lion hats, a whip, a box of matches and a spikey golden hedgehog.

Foremost a filmmaker, (as well as and significantly here a divorcee), Alice experienced the first day of the workshop with Tanja as a ‘watcher’. She absorbed the performances of others whilst waiting for the moment it felt right for her to perform. That moment came in the early hours of the following morning, inspired by the place she encountered as her ‘home for the night’, an artist’s squat in the East End of London.

‘Alice walked in. She was welcomed, perturbed even, by a new world of waiting objects: a guillotine, two dressmaker’s dummies, broken pots, old papers, a crumpled bed. Placing her suitcase on the floor she took off her hat, coat, shoes and she dressed the two dressmaker’s dummies that confronted her. Arranging her portrait amongst the other pictures on the wall she laid out her own vessels, four little dishes and a Van Gogh teddy bear. Alice infiltrated the space through the slow positioning of her objects. She embodied the space as she integrated her objects with those of the absent ‘host’, in this way she re-storyed herself into a new place of belonging. Alice made the squat her home. The two dummies became her ‘animated’ roommates. She re-worked these characters as symbolic of others she had, lost, left, displaced by her leaving her own home and former relationships. Seeing the characters before her, changed and enlivened by her interventions, she saw others and herself more clearly. As the dummies spoke back to with such autobiographical agency, Alice accessed and activated memories that allowed her to reposition herself. She became placed.

Alice Tuppen-Corps Live Performance with Portrait (6)

Alice Tuppen-Corps: Live Performance with Portrait, Photo: Shannon Mulvey

Alice Tuppen-Corps Live Performance with Hat (7)

Alice Tuppen-Corps: Live Performance with Hat

Alice documented the process and re-performed the ‘unpacking’ of the suitcase to a live audience at LADA that evening and in dialogue with onscreen photographs of the objects when in-situ at the squat. In the live, audiences were dressed by Alice and given offerings from the case to ‘care for’, one audience member said that ‘she felt a transformative wave flow over her, issuing out from the performer, touching the audience and drawing them into the co-generation of a [third space], simultaneously journeying inward to self, outward towards performer and across to the screen’.

Video: Wherever I Lay My Hat That’s My Home


Alice Tuppen-Corps is a practice-based Ph.D. Researcher and Digital Performance Lecturer at De Montfort University. She was trained at Goldsmiths College and The Slade School of Fine Art with a background in Broadcast and Media Production, Higher Education and Arts Psychotherapy.  She is a Ph.D. practice-based researcher and artist based in the East Midlands.

She is principally investigating ‘Digital Performance and the Feminine: Transformational Encounters’. In her artistic practice she filmically re-stages individual stories within augmented, networked and tactile environments in order to generate new qualities of reflective space that empower transformation, contemplation and connection. Bracha Ettinger’s concept of ‘Carriance’ is theoretically foreground, allowing ‘the other’ to be ‘within me [him/her] charged’. Alice adopts Ettinger’s concept of ‘Thinking (M) otherwise’ (2006) and performatively facilitates her participants to co-create within matrixial spaces of technological, sculptural, filmic and relational aesthetics. Like a ‘Mobius Strip’, her artworks reciprocally and affectively touch back and within such artistic carriance structures, a hopeful and restorative dance is activated in self and other regardless of sexual or gender identification. www.alicetuppencorps.com


Text: Alice Tuppen-Corps

Video: Shannon Mulvey
Photographs: Alice Tuppen–Corps, Shannon Mulvey

Email: alicecharlotte(AT)myself.com

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