Misplaced Women? Performance Workshop in LADA London

In London, Performances, Reviews, Workshops on January 25, 2018 at 7:28 pm

I am delighted to share with you many amazing new contributions of the London itinerary of the Misplaced Women? workshop hosted by Live Art Development Agency and Dr Elena Marchevska in December 2016. Including videos, drawings, texts, photos and reviews. Please enjoy many active links below.

Please see this short video about the “Misplaced Women?” performance workshop by Tanja Ostojić in London. The 3:50 min long video has been made by Dr Elena Marchevska and produced by LADA. People talking in order of appearance: Tanja Ostojić, Nicholas Harris, Teresa Albor, Dagmara Bilon, Camila Canocchi and (voice over) Elena Marchevska.

Drawing by David Caines of the performance by Sophie Cero in the frame of Tanja Ostojic´s “Misplaced Women?” performance workshop in LADA, London, December 2016.

Drawing by David Caines of the performance by Dagmara Bilon in the frame of the “Misplaced Women?” performance workshop by Tanja Ostojic in LADA, London, December 2016.


The following artists, activists and researchers developed their new works or performed some of the “Misplaced Women?” scores in the frame of the Tanja Ostojic’s “Misplaced Women?” London Workshop. I would like to invite you to please check out Participants Contributions in text, photos and videos, that I edited partly in collaboration with Danyel Ferrari and published on the project blog:

Tanja Ostojic

Elena Marchevska holding the Misplaced Women? sign on Heathrow Airport 

Danyel Ferrari´s Article published in ArtSlant

Teresa Albor´s performance interventions

Camilla Canocchi 


Dagmara Bilon

Cherry Truluck

Seila Fernandez Arconada

Alice Tuppen

Hilary Williams 

Jasmine Lee, Nicholas Harris, Sara Zaltash, Sophie Cero, Miki Zea..


The Displaced & Privilege: A Study Room Guide on Live Art in the Age of Hostility by Dr Elena Marchevska published by LADA, in 2017, can be download for free under this link. 

Note: And please reed the related Errata Sheet to it.


Misplaced Women?

LADA was delighted to host a London iteration of Misplaced Women? in December 2016. The Misplaced Women? workshop by Tanja Ostojić took place as part of a LADA residency being undertaken by the artist and researcher Elena Marchevska exploring Live Art practices and methodologies on working with issues of displacement. Tanja Ostojić ’s practice and the ideas at the heart of the Misplaced Women? project are so central to Elena’s thinking, and so vital to current issues, that it was a wonderful and timely opportunity to be able to invite Tanja to London.

Participants for the workshop were selected by an open call for proposals, and we were thrilled with the level of interest in the workshop from such a wide range of artists, activists and thinkers. Over two days the sixteen participants created a new community, and, following excursions into the badlands of East London, inspired a gathering of interested…

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  1. […] Drawing by David Caines of the performance by Sophie Cero in the frame of Tanja Ostojić’s “Misplaced Women?” performance workshop in LADA, London, December […]


  2. […] Albor and Dagmara Bilon both took part in “Misplaced Women?” Workshop by Tanja Ostojić, 13-14 December 2016, hosted by LADA at their studio/office in Hackney. Teresa brought objects left behind by people in the process of […]


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