Score #2: Holding the Misplaced Women? Sign

In Scores, Signs on May 10, 2018 at 9:16 pm

Tanja Ostojić: 

Misplaced Women? 

(ongoing since 2009)

delegated performance

Score #2:  Holding the Misplaced Women? Sign

Less then hour, no, or with preparation, one or more performers


1. Select a migration specific place that resonates to you 

2. Make your own MISPLACED WOMEN? (or MISPLACED MAN? / or MISPLACED HUMAN?) Sign or a banner (on a cardboard, on a piece of paper, on some cloth. It can be a drawing or an embroidery or even a collage). 

3. Stand there and hold it for at least half-an-hour. 

4. Ask someone to take a photo of you standing there. 

5. You can do the same action at the variety of places and see how different it is being perceived at different times and locations. In such case you might draw a map of locations you performed at. 


Reflect a pone how does it feel to hold the sign, how does it resonates with you, with your life experience, how the location you have chosen pulsates, and does it bring you closer to the people on the move, on the street, etc. Be open to talk to passing by people about the sign you are holding and the related issues and to what they have to say about it. 


Misplaced Women sign Photo: Amy Bryzgel


On October 12 2016, Bojana Videkanić holding the “Misplaced Women?” sign on the Pearson International Airport in Toronto and diving into her profoundly touching memories about her initiation into the life of a refugee escaping Sarajevo siege in 1992 and her and her family life as refuges in the UK, Croatia and Canada. Photo: Tanja Ostojić


Send a photo or a drawing of yourself holding the sing, the description about how did it go (your name, date, time, duration, location and what happened) and the related written reflections and overview of dialogues that might habe occurred. Please let us know if you would like that your contribution is published on the “Misplaced Women?” project blog.

  We would greatly appreciate your permission to publish it.

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